Home Fire Safety Survey

Living Room

  • Place an effective sparkguard in front of open fires
  • Clean the chimney regularly

    • Wood burning fire ;- four times a year
    • Solid fuel fire ;-once a year or twice if using coal
    • Oil or gas fires ;- once a year
  • Check all electrical leads and plugs for fraying or burning
  • Treat portable heaters with care
  • Do not overload of sockets
  • Use candles with care


  • Have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket present at all times
  • Never leave a cooker unattended
  • Ensure a clean non-greasy cooker at all times
  • Replace extractor fan filters regularly.
  • Develop safe and sensible cooking habits
  • Preferably don’t use chip pans


  • Check electric blankets for wear or damage regularly
  • Store electric blanket rolled instead of folded
  • Switch off and unplug appliances before going to bed
  • Take care with electrical items especially hair straighteners, mobile phone chargers etc

Workshops, utility and storage areas

  • Take utmost care with containers of flammable materials, store outside the house if possible
  • Remove unnecessary rubbish that might cause fire danger, avoid cluttering