ABOUT Dublin Fire Brigade

Dublin Fire Brigade is the largest full time brigade in the country.
We provide a fire and emergency response service to 1.2 million
people throughout the city and county of Dublin. We were founded
in 1862 and are administered by Dublin City Council.

Headquarters and Fire Stations

Dublin Fire brigade has 14 stations located across Dublin city & county.
The headquarters is located in Townsend St in Dublin city, this is where the
Chief Fire Officer is located and also the Fire Prevention Officers who look
after fire safety in buildings to help stop a fire from happening.


We have 20 Fire Engines
Turntable ladders
Hydraulic platform plus 1 as backup
12 Ambulances
Hazardous Materials Unit
Incident Command Unit
Marine Rescue Unit
Highline Rescue Unit,
Rescue Boats,
Transport Vehicles,
Brigade Support Units
Marine Emergency Rescue Unit, Training units

We have...

14 Fire stations
900 Fire Fighters
24 hours a day 365 days a year... all the time

This ensures continuous protection for life and property.